Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life with our new arrival..Jace!

I can't believe he's almost one week old already. Last Thursday, July 30 at 4:30 in the morning the phone rang with a call from American Fork Hospital that they were ready for my induction. Jason and I had dropped Allie and Brock the night before with my parents so that we would be ready when that phone call came. Anyway, we arrived about 5:30 and by 6:00 they had me hooked up to the petocin, IV in, and were ready and waiting for the epidural. After the epidural was in, I fell asleep while Jason paced the room and waited. They set my petocin on "cruise control" as the nurse put it and before I knew it I was "complete" and ready to push. We had called my mom and told her to hurry down (she lives 5 minutes away) that I was ready to start pushing. I pushed 1 time and to my surprise out his head came. I still can't believe how fast it was. My mom came in literally missing it (due to road construction) by 2 minutes. Oh well...she loved walking in and having him here already. He weighed 7lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long. Jason and I had been struggling for months trying to decide on a name. The day before, the name Jace was not even on the list. When that name came into question...again...I liked that idea of both boys having a part of Jason's name. Brock having Jason as a middle name and Jace being short for Jason. Anyway, it works. We like it and seem to think it fits him. He is the sweetest, mild mannered boy. He is not very fond of a binkie (unless someone else gives it to him), but he doesn't seem to need it. He is very content and just likes to sleep and eat. He is eating well and doing pretty good at night. Allie and Brock seem to be adjusting pretty good. Allie gets a little frustrated with me because I am not letting her help as much as she would like. I keep telling her to give it a few weeks and then I will let her change diapers, help with baths, etc. She is dying to be my little helper. Brock has been better than expected. He loves to sit and hold him and try to interpret little noises that he makes. Jace made a little noise the other day and Brock said, "he says that he wants his mommy." The kids seem to be doing good and seem to be glad he's finally here. I think mostly they are glad that mommy isn't pregnant and grumpy anymore. Jason has been home this week and has been a huge help. He has taken the kids to do different activities like Thanksgiving Point, swimming, Chucky Cheese, etc. He has been great and I have to say I am truly grateful for an amazing husband and can't imagine life without him. I have had lots of time the past few days to reflect on the recent changes in our family. I look at my husband and think at one time it was just he and I. Then along came Allie, and eventually Brock, and now our sweet little Jace. We are so grateful to have 3 amazing children and pray constantly that we can be the best parents we can be. We love them sooo much and can't imagine life without them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I's been FOREVER!! Here goes summer so far!

We started in early May with Brock's 3 year old birthday party. He wanted a Spiderman party with cupcakes and balloons. So we invited a few friends and family over and called it good. He loved it and got lots of fun new toys. We have tried to stick close to home considering all my pregnancy and contraction issues (only 10 days left to the most). We did however decide in all this not to move right away and just do some home improvements that we have been wanting. So we ripped out Allie's bunk beds and got her room ready for a new bedroom set. We painted her room and bought her new bedding. We replaced all the carpet in the house, bought a new flat screen TV, bought a piano, a new fridge, and a few other things.
I signed Brock up for a tumbling class that he started in May and Allie started gymnastics. It has been a struggle sitting through his tumbling classes without wanted to strangle him. It is "overly" stimulating for him and he wants to do everything when he wants and not when his teachers want. It has been very good for him and his listening and focusing skills have improved as time has gone on. His teacher had to remind me that most boys are exactly like him when they first start her classes and then they start to figure it out. Thank goodness that is (for the most part) what has happened. He will be done with tumbling once preschool starts in Aug. I decided I can't and shouldn't load myself with places to be with a new baby and school for both Allie and Brock starting soon. Allie will continue in her gymnastics (she seems to be a natural gymnast) and also her piano lessons. Anyway, we have had a busy July so far. We did the traditional Grande parade in Provo on the fourth followed by a BBQ at Jason's parents house with his siblings and parents. That night we ended up with free tickets to the Stadium of Fire which about put me over the edge, but I managed. We had a good time. We left on the 6th for St. George with my mom and brother and his friend for a week of Tuacahn and swimming. The kids were great little travelers and we basically lived in the pool, went out to eat, and saw Annie, Footloose, and High School Musical 2 at Tuacahn. The only mishap was of course Brock diving head first into the brick wall the first night there and splitting his head open. Anyone surprised...we weren't. Thankfully it wasn't bad, but enough blood to make us nervous. Since we have been back we have been in full baby mode trying to get ready for this little guy to arrive. We are having a huge struggle deciding on a name for him. I want a one syllable that starts with a C. I know it's dumb...that way I can have kids with an A, B, and C name. Anyway, we'll see what happens. We have been washing clothes and blankets, buying diapers and other baby necessities, and doing the whole nesting thing. I'm really looking forward to not feeling like crap has been 9 very long months. Anyway, we'll post some pictures and a new post once baby boy Wootton has finally arrived.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update of a crazy month...

In a nutshell...we have been way busy. Allie and I took our trip together to Phoenix in the beginning of March. We had a great trip and Allie and her friend Haley had a blast. We went to the zoo, shopping, out to eat, and had lots of time to just let the kids play. Jason and Brock had some good male bonding time together enjoying a BYU basketball game, dinners with grandma, a movie, and who knows what else. After returning from Phoenix, two days later, Jason and I flew to Las Vegas to a conference that Jason needed to attend for work. I realized, "officially" how dirty, nasty and perverted LV really is. All in all, we still had a good time and needed a few days away together without the kids. We went to see a Cirque de Soleil show, Mystere, at Treasure Island. Thanks to Jason's work, they paid for our flights, hotel, food, entertainment, etc. The kids got to stay with their aunt Julie and grandma Janet while we were away. Life has been really busy just catching up on everything while I was away.
Allie is doing so good in school and dance. She is reading at almost a 2nd grade level and is cruising right along. She is really enjoying dance and is getting ready for her second dance competition which will be this weekend in Spanish Fork and next weekend in St. George. Her very favorite thing to do besides school and dance is play with her friends...which she can't seem to get enough of.
Brock is doing good also. We made it a few months without any serious injures...until Sunday. Actually, it wasn't that bad, just a nose dive off my parents couch and onto a ceramic pot; he gave himself a nice blackeye with a cut next to it. I had been searching for somekind of an energy release for him and Jason surprised the kids just in time for a heat wave with a trampoline and then 2 days later, we had a snow storm, oh well. They loved it for the two days and I am sure again when it heats up. I signed Brock up for preschool this fall and he can hardly wait! He takes his backpack out the door when I drive carpool and cries when he can't go to school. Hopefully he will continue to love it once he starts going.

And last but certainly not least, we had our ultrasound today and we are having another BOY!!! We were convinced it was a girl. That's okay. From the ultrasound, he looks good and healthy and that's what is most important. Hopefully life will slow down a little and most importantly start getting warmer. We are so sick of the snow and can't wait for the Spring. Anyway, enough for now...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet and Sassy Rocks!!!

Today Allie had her very first dance competition at Thanksgiving Point. She has been so excited, but also a little nervous (not knowing what to expect). We had to be there at 9:00 and her team (Sweet and Sassy) performed their first dance around 9:30. This was her jazz dance (which was a little shaky), but they still did a great job considering it was there first time. They hurried and changed after that to perform their ballet dance. They totally kicked butt on that dance. I was so proud. Allie has a little solo part in the beginning that only she does. She has to do a leg extension and hold it for about 8 seconds. Which doesn't seem long, but she held it strong the whole time. Anyway, results are in and they took 1st PLACE in ballet and 2nd PLACE in jazz. Pretty awesome for their first competition. She was pretty excited!!! The next one is the first weekend in April in St. George.
Go Ultimate Dance...
P.S. To see who Allie is, she is front and center and does the leg extension.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know I've been terrible at keeping up posts on our blog. But this is the latest. I basically feel like crap all the time. My house is a mess, my kids are bored and watching a lot of TV, we are eating crappy dinners most of the time and I rarely leave my house. Sounds fun!!! I'm really hoping that I will turn the corner soon with the whole morning sickness (that lasts all day) thing. I'm fourteen weeks now and am being optimistic about feeling better soon. I really NEED to. My family needs me to be back to normal. Also we have some trips coming up that I really would like to enjoy. We are going to Wendover this weekend with Rich and Misty overnight. Next weekend we are going to Idaho for a friend's baby blessing. The following weekend Allie has her first dance competition. On March 7 Allie and I are taking off to Phoenix to see Heather and Haley for a week. We will be coming back on a Wed and then Jason and I will be leaving Saturday for Vegas. Jason's work is paying for us both to go so that he can attend a conference on Sunday and Monday. I'm hoping to chill, sleep, and eat good food (if I can stomach it.) Anyway, I'm really not totally miserable, but on the verge. Hopefully things will be better soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby # 3 is on its way!!!

So I figured since it has been over a month since I have updated and this time don't have to blog about some crazy thing that Brock has done to hurt himself, I thought I would share that we are expecting baby # 3 in early Aug. We are so excited and just barely told Allie and she is on cloud 9 telling anyone and everyone that will listen that she is going to be a big sister again. Hopefully to a sister (according to her). She says she can't handle another "Brock". Anyway, we are feeling especially lucky this time considering we only tried for 3 months (that is miracle) considering it took us 2 1/2 years with Allie and a year with Brock. This baby must be meant to be at this time!!! I have been feeling pretty sick but continuing on doing all the mommy things that still have to be done. Allie is a huge help (most of the time)and Brock is the same little busy buns as ever.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crazy Freak Accident...his name is Brock!!

This week could probably go down as one of the craziest weeks EVER!!! The worst of the worst this week happened on Wednesday at about noon. I was emptying the dishwasher, Brock and Paisley were eating lunch, Allie was at school. All was well until I hear this loud crash and a horrible scream from Brock. I turn to look and he is laying on his stomach with his head lifted up. I pick him up and turn him over to find...(are you sitting down)...A METAL FORK STUCK ALL THE WAY THROUGH HIS CHEEK!!!! I could see the tip of the fork poking out of his face right below his eye. It was the most horrible thing you could ever see. It looked like something a Hollywood makeup artist would do for Halloween. I hurried and pulled the fork out before he tried to and the blood started flowing. I was in full panic mode at this point. Here I have two 2yr olds and Allie is on her way home from school any minute. What was I supposed to do. I couldn't tell how bad it was because of all the blood. I called all my closest neighbors first and finally found (thank goodness) Scott Davies home on a sick day...sorry Scott!! I was hysterical, didn't know what to do or why I needed someone, but he came running over in his pajamas with a bottle of oil. He had no idea what had just happened, just that I needed him. Anyway, Scott came over and helped calm me and we tried to figure out where the fork entered and where it exited. We decided that the only thing that could really help him was a blessing. I, at this point realized why none of my friends that I had called were home. It was Scott that I needed so that Brock could have a blessing. Brock calmed down as I held him (I was a wreck) and the bleeding pretty much stopped. Allie and Jason came home shortly thereafter and I was still crying. I think most of the tears at this point were due to the fact that I was so grateful that his eye wasn't taken out and that this accident could have been so much worse. I just kept thinking "my two year old could have just lost his eye." Anyway, the doctor told me because it was two puncture wounds and a big scratch that they really couldn't do anything and to just clean it and keep it covered with neosporin for about a week and pray that he doesn't get an infection. He was such a trooper. He has been kind of grumpy the last few days which I guess is to be expected, but this was definately the worst of his injuries thus far. This kid freaks me out everyday and I think I take for granted the days that he doesn't get hurt (those are few and far between). I took a picture of him... no, not with the fork still stuck in his face, but with the bandaids on later that day. I will post it soon. Anyway, I have been counting my blessings and so grateful at that moment to have someone available to give him a blessing. How grateful I am for this gospel in my life!!! P.S. Take away the metal forks...seriously!!!